In Peninsula de Yucatan is possible to adventure in one of the most fascinating archeological excurtions in the world: the one of the mayan sites, where trough their wonders and antiques, you can meet this misterious town. The mayans’ interest, seems to...

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Tulum is the most famous and spectacular archelogic site of the Riviera Maya. With a 120 km coast in Peninsula de Yucatan, is consider one of the best touristic places all around Mexico, with numerous attactives, ranging from the beauty of the coast view,...

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Kukulkan Pyramid

The most important building in the Chichen-Itza complex is the Kukulcan Pyramid, a famous monument built in terraces of 9 floors, with 17 mts high and surpassed by a two terraces temple where a Chac-Mool statue and the Jaguar Throne in stone were found. N...

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Located in Puuc area of Yucatan, Uxmal is an antique mayan city, loacated at the south of Merida, at 80km from the sea. Smaller and less famous than Chichen-Itza, the mayan site of Uxmal, ceirtanly deserves a visit to the eight groups of buildings which o...

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Mayapan is another archelogical site added to the “do not miss” places list during the tour around the mayan area, where you can immerse in a relaxing environment which you can hear peacefully the silence of the woods. Mayapan is an archeological site...

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Labna, which name means “Old House” was part of an archeological complex smaller than the famous Chichen-Itza, Uxmal, Coba or Tulum. With Kabah, Sayil and Xlapak, turns out to be a great discover: it is indeed, a little frequented site by tourists and...

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Kabah is an important mayan archeological site built in VIII century at the Yucatan hills just 18km from the south of Uxmal. Is the second most important site of Puuc area, only after Uxmal, that retains an unsual building, the Masks Palace, 46mts long, w...

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