Kukulkan Pyramid

The most important building in the Chichen-Itza complex is the Kukulcan Pyramid, a famous monument built in terraces of 9 floors, with 17 mts high and surpassed by a two terraces temple where a Chac-Mool statue and the Jaguar Throne in stone were found. Nicknamed by the conquerors as “EL CASTILLO”, the pyramid is famous for being a place of cult, also for being a giant solar clock, of four facades composed of 364 stairs and if the superior platform is added 365, as the solar year days, and also the 9 levels of the pyramid make 18 elements, just like the months of the Aztec Calendar. Nothing is more exciting than the spring solstice, when the exactly position of the pyramid lines up with the sun and creates a row of triangles all over the principal ladder, representing a serpent.