Located in Puuc area of Yucatan, Uxmal is an antique mayan city, loacated at the south of Merida, at 80km from the sea. Smaller and less famous than Chichen-Itza, the mayan site of Uxmal, ceirtanly deserves a visit to the eight groups of buildings which occupy a huge surface, like the Quadrangle of the Nuns, The Governor Palace, the House of the Turttles, The Ball Game Field, the House of the Old Woman, the Quadrangle of the Cementery, the Phallus Structure, the House of the Pigeons and the beautiful pyramid called by the archeologists “The Soothsayer Temple” a big semi-elliptical building, built like Puuc-chenes style, which rises about 40 mts. Over the woods and offer spectacular views.