In Peninsula de Yucatan is possible to adventure in one of the most fascinating archeological excurtions in the world: the one of the mayan sites, where trough their wonders and antiques, you can meet this misterious town.

The mayans’ interest, seems to be involved in the actual time when, with 2012 movie, the predictions of the mayan ancestrals that supposed the end of the world, the sowed concern in all the humanity. Meanwhile, this prediction was based on the end of the Fifth sun era in the mayan calendar, the four eras before this one, ended with big environmental disorders. Beyond the assumptions of the experts on that disorders, it worth to planified a trip trough the beauty of Yucatan, the cradle of one of the most complex and important civilizations on the Western Hemisphere. A town that left us incredible testimonials of their splendorous past, which antique culture is full of history and his traditions are still intact and fascinating